About CodeKracken

Code Kracken is a tutorial based website that teaches you website development from scratch. If you are an absolute beginner this is the right place for you. We walk you through step by step and take you from beginner to intermediate to advanced with short easy to understand lessons. You will learn  HTML5 CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and WordPress.

All tutorials are free and we hope to keep it that way, however some pages may be supported by advertisements or affiliate links. We will make it a point to let you know if something is an advertisement or an affiliate. Sometimes we are unable to control exactly what advertisements are displayed so we can not speculate on whether or not we endorse all advertisers. However we can always  control what affiliates we use and would only display affiliate links to products we feel are of good value.

Making a purchase from an affiliate is never required but they do help keep this website alive and free.