Learn Web Development

Building Your Fist Web Page

Now that you have a solid knowledge of HTML elements and attributes we are ready to put them all together to make a basic web page. As we move through this lesson I am going to introduce some new tags along the way. There is no right or wrong way to lay out a web […]

Introduction to CSS

What is CSS? CSS stands for cascading style sheet, it adds “style” to your web pages. CSS is the code you will use to add and control color, sizing, positioning and much more. CSS was first introduced to the web in the mid 1990’s. Since inception there have been different versions with the latest being […]

HTML 5 Attributes

Html 5 attributes are a pair of names and values used to control some aspect of a given tag. I know that is a super vague definition so let’s try an example. As you can see in our above example our tag has a name, an equals sign and a value. Take note that the value will always […]

Self Closing Tags

If you remember back to an earlier lesson Anatomy of HTML tags, while we discussed how tags are written, we stated that most HTML elements have an opening and a closing tag. So not all elements have a closing tag, how are you supposed to remember which ones do and which ones don’t? A good rule […]


In this series of tutorials we show you how to write HTML5 from scratch. We take you from beginner to expert and show you everything you need to get started

HTML5 Head

If you have followed along in our previous tutorials you learned how to make your first HTML5 webpage from a plain text editor and you learned the basics of how to write HTML5 tags. If this is your first time making a website from scratch I suggest you go back through those two lessons first before […]